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Roll Up Door products at its best ! Having passion for creating durable and dependable projects on roll up doors and other metal services凤凰彩票在线app,凤凰平台客户端下载,凤凰彩票计划聊天室

Deliver Quality Products

Roll Up Door Philippines – Lustre Metal Industry humbly begins as fabricator of steel windows, steel trusses and simple iron works. As the expand, we now specializes in the custom fabrication and installation of durable steel or galvalume Roll Up Doors. Our policy then and now is to deliver high quality products backed – up by customer service follow through. Our Roll Up Doors had gone far from small businesses to big group of companies.

Experienced in Roll Up Door Industry

Lustre Metal Industry aims to become the preferred roll up door shutter fabricator and installer by constantly delivering top of the line, aesthetically superb, cost effective and more convenient products and services to its client. We practice on time delivery, assured installation, and customer – service follow through. This commitment has made us stay for more than four decades in the Roll Up Door Philippines industry.

Confidence in Workmanship

Roll Up Door – Lustre Metal Industry believes that every job should be treated distinctly, for no two requirements have equally the same needs. On most Roll Up door shutter with a maximum of five panels, we only need at least three days need to fabricate and install them. Our confidence in our workmanship asserts us to offer 12-24 months warranty on every roll up door installation (Details included in the formal contract).








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    Doors are one of the basic elements a house, building or establishments have. But different structure needs a different build. Here are some types of doors by manufacture and when are they needed. 1. Timber/Wood Doors Traditionally, timber or wood as it is popularly known......

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    Roll Up Door in the history of building construction (of which Roll up door has its integral role) in the Philippines is somewhat ambivalent. Post World War II presented a great task for nation building. However, several factors (standardization and/or building code issues, severe cement......

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    Roll Up Door has been the Latest trend in doors security. Lustre Metal Industry provides this kind of service with reliability. The Golden ABC Corporation, home of the Brands; Penshoppe, Oxygen, Regatta, and For Me had trusted our company to be the accredited Roll Up......

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    The Benefits of Roll Up Doors The benefits of Roll up doors have contributed to the increased popularity of the equipment of the past several years. Commercial, residence, governmental and industrial entities all need durable, safe, easy-to-use, attractive and simple to maintain equipment to function......

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